Have you been microdosing psychedelics following an irregular protocol and not made any major advances on your healing and transformational journey?  Have you heard of microdosing but never tried it?  Would you like to find out more about microdosing and be supported in how to start or proceed?

Talking to people on the subject of microdosing, I often find that many have heard about it and maybe even have tried it in a haphazard manner, but it is rare to run into people who have actually followed a protocol for a few months and ended up with positive results.  This is why I decided to hold space for those who want to give a serious try to truly “milk” the experience of microdosing.  

In my own personal experience I found that there was a huge difference between microdosing irregularly and following a protocol.  Additionally I have developed some techniques to further enhance the healing and lasting transformational effects of microdosing by adding mindfulness practices to the protocol.  

You are welcome to read the “Microdosing FAQ-s” below to get started.  If you would like more guidance and an intentional container, please sign up on my e-mail list and read my newsletters to see when the next 6-week “Microdosing Mindfully” course is starting. 

Since we are touring through July, I may not start one till late August. Until then you can contact me and ask for one-on-one microdosing coaching if you are interested. 

The “Microdosing Mindfully” 6-week on-line class is a great way to connect mindfulness practices such as breathwork, meditation and self-love practices with following an intentional microdosing protocol in a dedicated way and seeing what the long-term results may be.


What should I microdose with?

Any psychedelic substance that you can safely acquire.  Please be aware that psychedelic substances are still illegal to purchase, posess or consume in many parts of the world.  

What is a microdose amount of psychedelic medicine?

A microdose amount is typically a tenth or a twentieth of a regular dose. 

What amount of psilocybin mushrooms should I microdose with?

If you are microdosing with psilocybin, anywhere from 60 mg- 200 mg is considered a microdose. However most people will start perceiving mild effects around 100 mg, and it may interfere with their daily activities. We recommend first experimenting on your days off work, to see what amount is right for you.  

What amount of Huachuma cactus should I microdose with?

Huachuma (San Pedro) cactus: 500 mg of the ground powder is a good amount to start with and you can work your way up and see if up to 1000 mg is more effective for you.

What amount of LSD should I microdose with?

I am not very experienced with LSD. But one option is to dilute one dose in water, divide it in ten or twenty parts and take one part as a microdose.

What other psychedelic medicines can I microdose with?

Some people microdose with pure Ayahuasca vine or the Ayahuasca brew (typically a mix of Ayahuasca and Chakruna).  If you are interested in these options, please give me a private call.  The Ayahuasca vine is very mildly psychedelic, it is mostly a great medicine for depression and overall mood enhancement. The Ayahuasca brew contains DMT and it needs to be handled with a lot of care, every brew is different.  I only recommend using Ayahuasca to those who have done an intentionally held Ayahuasca journey at least once in their life and who can commit to coming to the Zoom call regularly.

Iboga is another option for microdosing and I recommend it to those who have done the macro-journey with it. I myself am not experienced with Iboga.

Do not microdose with Ecstasy, it is dangerous to take it regularly even in small amounts!

Should I microdose with a sacred plant/mushroom medicine or rather with LSD?

Remember, sacred plants and mushrooms have many other alkaloids, more than just the active ingredients, and they all work synergistically.  Working with sacred plant/mushroom medicines may be a different experience from working with a chemically synthesized molecule. 

If I am not feeling the effects of the microdose I took, does it still work?

You don’t need to perceive your microdose for it to work. A sub-perceptual amount may be all you want, especially on your work days. 

You will have a significantly different experience if you take your microdose on an empty stomach versus with food already in the stomach. On an empty stomach you will feel the effects more but they won’t last long. When you take your microdose with food, the effects will take time to appear (up to 3 hours) and they may be very mild, sub-perceptual even, but they will last longer.  Both options are effective, it is up to you what works best for your life-style.

What protocol should I follow?

Recommended protocols: “Paul Stamets Protocol”: 4 days on, 3 days off or 5 days on 2 days off

      “James Fadiman Protocol” : 1 day on, 1 day off or 2 days on, 2 days off

All of these protocols seem to work well for people. Remember, you will work up a tolerance, so it is important to have some days off to get back to base-line tolerance.

What else can I do to enhance the sustainable transformational and lasting break-through effects of microdosing?

  • Breathwork practice is recommended on your days off, to replenish DMT supplies in the brain. You can also supplement with 5-HTP on your days off, in order to not have too much contrast. You can buy 5-HTP on-line or in any health food store.
  • We recommend journaling while microdosing, writing down the amount you took and any important changes you are noticing in your behavior and how you are feeling.  
  • Attend one of my “Mindful Microdosing” courses.


The Benefits of Micro-dosing Mushrooms w/Paul Stamets | Joe Rogan


Microdosing Q&A with James Fadiman (transcript of the Plant Medicine Podcast with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski)



The above statements reflect the present state of scientific research on microdosing with psychedelics.  The use of psychedelics is still illegal in many parts of the world, please do your own research to find out if you can legally consume psychedelics in your current location.




 “I am so grateful for Eostar’s leadership of this zoom call.  I learn new things every week and there’s a group of people I am inspired by.  Because of this I have been staying on my protocol and I have been experiencing real break-throughs. ”  



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