I first met Elena Tonetti – the founder of Birth Into Being in 2004 while living in Mount Shasta. I immediately knew that I wanted to get trained in the method that she pioneered but this did not happen until 2011, when I took the “Certified Apprentice” training with her.  Later I facilitated my own group workshop at Harbin Hotsprings and I started applying the method in my own healing practice – as part of the Life Giving Process.

What is Birth Into Being?

The Birth Into Being Method is an extremely effective tool to support anyone interested in shifting their behavioral patterns rooted in their birth trauma.

 It is our right to create a peaceful, abundant, beautiful life on this planet.  The time is now to heal ourselves and our collective past, so the future of our species is free to flourish. 

Th Birth Into Being Method is a graceful shortcut to creating new reference points in the nervous system by re-coding the original subconscious imprint. Elena Tonetti developed this very effective and fast method of healing the birth trauma in adults, which allows unleashing the dormant flow of the primal creative Life Force. It inspires the profound quality of presence in the body, which assures our strength, compassion and health. In freedom from fear and pain, we can birth our new Reality, based on common sense.

If you feel like you are ready to part with your negative patterns (like constantly failing with your projects or relationships, procrastinating, etc), and you have tried many other modalities that merely treated the symptoms, then maybe it is time to address the root cause.  Birth Into Being Method could be what you’ve been searching for!  It is time to experience what it really feels like to be safe, supported, and aware, navigating life from a place of true Power, which is Love.  Imagine what it would feel like to live in alignment with your Soul’s intention, and contribute to the thriving culture of future generations!

When we create from a place of integrity, the outcome is bound to be magnificent. Whether we are birthing a new baby, a dream project, or an upgraded version of ourselves, we must first learn to connect the broken pieces and surrender to our own Greatness.

Traumatic experiences during the formative period (which is from conception through early childhood) leave a negative imprint in the nervous system.  When this imprint involves harsh and painful experiences, it is responsible for maintaining fear-based emotional and behavioral patterns for the rest of the adult life.There is an overwhelming evidence that the cumulative volume of individual imprinting was responsible for the violent history of humankind for thousands of years of recorded history.

Within every cell of our bodies we carry an “imprint” (called “limbic imprint”) that begins to establish before we are born.  If our emotional body is overwhelmed during this formative period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and behavioral patterns will ensue. The Birth Into Being Method directly addresses this by transforming our Limbic Imprint, thus allowing us to access the intelligence of nature’s creative Power.

This safe and effective Method brilliantly interweaves epigenetics and neuroplasticity with the richness of storytelling, visualization, breath-work and role-play.

Through Birth Into Being you may experience numerous processes that address formative issues in a deeply profound and transformative way:

  • Dive deeply into the ‘underworld’ to break through that which is holding you back in life; to recover that which is most precious.
  • Alter the ‘basic settings’ in your nervous system & align with the vortex of the Birthing Field.
  • Re-Code your Limbic Imprint of inhibiting emotional patterns by creating a new memory of being conceived, gestated, born, and breastfed in blissful and safe circumstances.
  • Create new reference points of emotional comfort aligned with your conscious intentions.
  • Invoke your inner ‘Elder’ – your deepest Wisdom as your constant companion. 
  • Birth Matters: What is Birth Trauma?
  • Transforming Fear (of birthing, living, and dying)
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Heal the traumatic impact from interactions with your biological parents.
  • Recover the loss of power in childhood; breaking the Silence; establishing the new reference points for healthy loving relationships.
  • Resolve deep unconscious conflicts.
  • Unravel your family dynamic and acquire a new perception of reality based on Safety and Love.
  • Increase your own capacity for love and upgrade your nervous system.
  • Trace the sources of your dysfunctions and transform them into a valuable resource.
  • Recalibrate experiences that violated your integrity/ crushed your primal sense of Self.
  • Release resistance to living in abundance; empowering your purpose on Earth.
  • Create an alternative memory of a great childhood (best friends, exciting adventures, amazing teachers, early introduction to conscious way of living, birthday parties of your dream, the most profound sexual awakening, rites of passage, etc, – all you needed to grow.



 “The process of Birth Into Being goes deep, as if penetrating the part of my being that is my wounded child, wounded infant and wounded unborn baby.  With Eostar’s help, I unwound ancestral and cultural traumas that I was not able to see before.  I truly feel like I was birthed into being – into being more alive than before!” 



Through the Life Giving Path… 

– You will learn a set of master keys that unlock doors of the subconscious mind, exposing the cause of problems, repeating struggles, self-sabotage, internal conflicts and relational difficulties.  

– You will identify and resolve emotional trauma behind physical and mental symptoms of illness.

– You will understand the magnitude of hidden emotions.

– You will journey into your subconscious mind where you can transform old dysfunctional patterns into conscious, positive action.

– You will understand how beliefs function as a filter through which we interpret our reality, we make decisions and we see life.

– You will integrate the opposing voices inside your psyche.

– You will learn visualization techniques that instruct your subconscious mind to draw certain experiences toward you and influence the formation of your reality.

– You will learn to be the observer of your mind and your fragmented parts.

– You will learn what it means to be in the now.

– You will get in touch with your intuition.

– You will learn to integrate the parts of you that you sent into exile – allowing yourself to be integrated and in alignment with the true you.

– You will learn to LOVE YOURSELF.

My Experience

  • Therapeutic hypnosis
  • Therapeutic transformational coaching
  • Trauma-informed coaching
  • Internal Family Systems coaching
  • Breathwork teaching/facilitating
  • Shamanic healing
  • Founding “The Life Giving Process”
  • Yoga teaching
  • Sound healing
  • Sacred Plant Medicine ceremonial facilitating

My Education

  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute – Certified Master Hypnotist (2024)
  • Internal Family Systems in Coaching ( 2021)
  • Recall Healing Levels 1-3  (with Dr. Michelle LaMasa Schrader, 2021)
  • The Self Love Course (online with Teal Swan, 2020)
  • “Anatomy of Awakening” – Certified Breathwork Practitioner Training (The Breath Center, 2019)
  • Shamanic training in Peru (2016-2017)
  • Theta Healing (with Judy Dragon, 2012)
  • Birth Into Being ( with Elena Tonetti, 2011)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor training (Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, 2006)
  • Teacher of English Language and Literature, MA ( ELTE University, Budapest 1996

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