I’m Eostar Kamala.

When I was 19 years old my mother took me to a local healer in Hungary.  This was the first time when spiritual wisdom and alternative ideas about healing reached my ears from the mouth of a wise man throughout the many hours of treatments I received. This was the moment that new vistas have opened for me and my understanding of the world forever changed.  From there on I have been incessantly and voraciously soaking up knowledge on traditional and alternative healing modalities.  My music has become an expression of a desire to tap into the fountain of Universal love.   My paintings have become a visual representation of inner journeys and landscapes.  And my writings have become travelogues of new perspectives gained on the road of spiritual awakening.

After getting my masters degree in education, I left Hungary and moved to the United States.  My spiritual journey got intensified when I was 33 and moved to Mount Shasta’s energy vortex.  It was around this time that I started performing devotional music and offering sound healing music.  A few years later I accomplished a yoga teacher training and I got more serious on the path of becoming a devotional musician, recording music albums and starting various bands.   

14 years ago I was introduced to Mother Ayahuasca and my songs started singing about her, inspired by her and onto her.  I continued on the path of entheogenic explorations and followed them all the way down to Peru.

Later I studied breathwork, became a certified facilitator and founded a new branch of transformational breathwork style named “Hypno-Breathing”.  My studies and experiences with breathwork furthered me on the path of becoming an expert on altered states of consciusness, recognizing the potential for making lasting positive changes in our lives using these opportunities of reaching deep within our Soul.

In March 2024, I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana California, as Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH) – HMI’s 300-hour Diploma in Hypnotherapy Program, which fulfills all the requirements for Certification as “Master Hypnotist” with the American Hypnosis Association. I completed a 6-months course of instruction in hypnosis from the nation’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy including an internship of practical experience under the supervision of staff instructors holding teaching credentials from the State Department of Education. This very rigorous and serious training course is continuing to this day, as I am going for my next level of education within the field of Hypnotherapy.  

At the moment I am offering various healing art modalities including hypnotherapy, entheogenic medicine support and education, sacred ceremonies with Blue Lotus, Cacao and other plant medicines and I continue performing and recording my original devotional healing music.  

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