Access The Transformational and Healing Power of Your Subconscious Mind!

A fountain of wisdom, clarity and power is available to you through the therapeutic use of hypnosis!

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that uses hypnosis to help YOU achieve certain goals or address specific issues of yours.  

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, often induced by a trained therapist using verbal cues and relaxation techniques. In this altered state of consciousness, people are more open to suggestion and can explore thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be hidden or overlooked in their normal state of awareness.

During hypnotherapy sessions, a trained hypnotherapist guides the individual into a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus. In this state, the therapist can offer positive suggestions, encourage the exploration of subconscious thoughts and emotions, and facilitate behavioral changes. It’s important to note that individuals under hypnosis still maintain control over their actions, and they cannot be forced to do anything against their will.

Hypnotherapy is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Behavioral change: Helping individuals overcome habits or behaviors such as smoking, overeating, or nail-biting.
  • Stress and anxiety management: Using hypnosis to induce relaxation and alleviate stress or anxiety.
  • Phobia treatment: Addressing and alleviating irrational fears or phobias.
  • Pain management: Managing chronic pain or discomfort through hypnosis-induced relaxation.
  • Improving performance: Enhancing skills and performance in areas such as sports, academics, or public speaking.
  • Addressing psychological issues: Exploring and resolving underlying psychological issues, such as trauma or unresolved emotions.

Hypnotherapy is generally considered a safe and non-invasive therapeutic approach. 

As more and more studies show that hypnosis helps patients with many common medical problems, interest in hypnotherapy for medical issues is greater than ever before.

The use of hypnosis for medical issues is not exactly new. Back in 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized that hypnosis is a useful technique in the treatment of certain illnesses and a valid medical procedure.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported in 2003 that hypnosis “is increasingly being employed in mainstream medicine” and in 2012 that “scientific evidence is mounting that hypnosis can be effective in a variety of medical situations.”

A 2016 study done by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine confirms that hypnosis is indeed a “real thing”. The study was conducted with functional magnetic resonance imaging, a scanning method that measures blood flow in the brain. It found changes in activity in brain areas of hypnotized persons that are thought to be involved in focused attention, the monitoring and control of the body’s functioning, and the awareness and evaluation of a person’s internal and external environments.

What Can I Expect From Hypnotherapy with Eostar?

In your first hypnotherapy session we will spend some time exploring how I can assist you. We will help each other gain clarity on all the various aspects that go into creating your Life challenge and what might be a solution to them.

Then in subsequent sessions I will help to guide you deep into relaxation and assist you in exploring your subconscious mind.  There will also be an opportunity to receive suggestions while in a hypnotic trance.  These suggestions will always be in support of the exact changes you desire to make, and they will be discussed prior to entering the light hypnotic trance state.  You will always be aware of yourself, of your physical environment and your body.  You will have full memory upon returning to a fully conscious state.

Hypnosis is a deep, relaxed state where your inner mind listens to positive suggestions. Here, you accept more easily these positive suggestions which bring inner strength and motivation into your life. Profound answers often emerge which help resolve issues naturally and easily.

What Are The Benefits of Hypnotherapy with Eostar?

The following benefits have been reported back to me and collected through many testimonials.  People who have experienced Hypnosis with Eostar have reported one or more of the following experiences in their daily life:

  • Peace and Present Moment Awareness
  • Self-acceptance and unconditional Self Love
  • Accepting what we cannot change and having the courage to change what we can
  • A growing level of relief from Life’s challenges
  • Relief from negative habits
  • Relief from fears and phobias
  • Relief from physical pain
  • Living one’s own true values
  • Relief from Past Life traumas
  • Relief birth and early childhood traumas
  • A growing awareness of subpersonalities (or parts) and what their unique voices say (using Internal Family Systems)
  • A growing awareness of one’s negative, toxic programming and installation of a new and more positive programming

How Hypnotherapy works?

A simple explanation of what hypnosis is and how your conscious and subconscious mind works is easy to understand through the below diagram. 

In the process of learning, one identifies an experience or object, associates it with thoughts and feelings, and then responds. An example of this could be cookies baking. The association could be hunger, a memory of mom or your mouth watering. The response could be eating them.

There is the primitive area of our mind that is wired and functioning when we are born. This sympathetic nervous system creates a fight or flight response when there is a perceived sense of danger or during a state of anxiety by increasing the heart rate and decreasing digestion. Once it is safe, the parasympathetic nervous system repairs this reaction by creating balance and homeostasis. A baby is also born with 2 reflexes: fear of falling (flailing out arms) and loud noises (recoiling or jumping).

The Fight response is how you handle the stress and overload of everyday living. The Flight response is what takes place when you feel like you need to withdraw, escape, or just take time out from the stress.

Now, from the time we are born until about 8 years old we are very suggestible. We take in everything as absolute truth and then we start to develop our programming.  From the time we are born, we have experiences that determine how we interact with the world around us. Some we perceive as positive. Others as negative. There is no right or wrong way – our mind takes in information without a critical filter. These associations are our knowns or our life script or our beliefs. If we have a negative association with something – for example a dog – we have an automatic program running that tells us to keep away. This part of our mind is called the Subconscious and accounts for 88% of our thinking.

By 8 or 9 years of age we have cognitively developed enough to develop our Critical Mind or Critical Filter that helps us begin to analyze our experiences and not just take everything in at face value. Our Conscious mind – the remaining 12% of our thinking – develops logic, decision making, reasoning, and will power.

At some point what is in our subconscious might come into conflict with what we logically think is in our best interest in our conscious minds. For example, overeating or smoking are habits that are built upon associations in our subconscious but when we consciously try to change them, we find ourselves fighting the 88% with only the 12% of our minds. Hypnosis can help us change this dynamic making a shift in our subconscious by creating new associations and relationships.

As we can see in the diagram, the Critical Mind, acts like a filter and a protection for the known associations. 


When you decide to change something in your life, here’s what happens… 

That thought (I want to stop smoking, lose weight etc.) goes from the conscious mind all the way down to the critical area of the mind where it gets filtered, and then it checks your subconscious programming. If your subconscious mind is resistant to making the change, the critical mind will then block your thought and you will continue to have the same behavior patterns.


What hypnosis does, is it takes that same thought (I want to stop smoking, lose weight etc.) and bypasses the critical mind. It opens a door to have direct access to the subconscious. What we do then is use positive hypnotic suggestions to make the changes you want in your life.


I am going to work with the 88%… You are going to work with the 12%… So together we will have a 100% effective rate!  


Eostar has such grace in the face of great adversity.  I called her so desperately sad at 8:00 am and she guided me so beautifully.  She held counsel, which felt like a re-birthing session.  I felt my heart expand and I came back to center.  I really felt held and heard.  I will remain eternally grateful for her in my life.  – Elora Jost

Through Hypnotherapy with Eostar I was able cut quit several bad habits. First I stopped taking sleeping pills.  Then I cut back on chocolate, sweets and unnecesarry snacking.  Eventually I got off of my antidepressants as well.  I am very grateful, and highly recommend Eostar’s services.  C. J.




Certified as a Hypnotherapist by the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

Certification Number:  A555555

In good standing since 2024


Graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana California, March 2024 as Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH) – HMI’s 300-hour Diploma in Hypnotherapy Program, which fulfills all the requirements for Certification as “Master Hypnotist” with the American Hypnosis Association. Completed a 6-months course of instruction in hypnosis from the nation’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy including an internship of practical experience under the supervision of staff instructors holding teaching credentials from the State Department of Education.

Have conducted a private practice since 2009, offering Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Inner Child Work, Internal Family Systems Coaching, Recall Healing and Shamanic Healing. 

Licensed as a Breathwork Facilitator in 2019 by “The Breath Center”.

Assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reduction, overcoming fears and performance anxiety, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Continuing Education:

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming , American Hypnosis Institute and 

NLP Transworld.

Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, American Hypnosis Institute.


Medical Hypnosis

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Habit Control

Weight Loss

Stress Management

Working With Seniors

Body Syndromes

Levels of Consciousness

Celebrating over 50 years of excellence, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) is a Non-Profit Organization that holds the distinction of being America’s First Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy. HMI is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education (ACCET), an accrediting agency authorized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Eostar Kamala is also a devotional singer, visionary artist, sound healer, integrative healer, yoga instructor, Theta healer, psychedelic microdosing coach, and certified breathwork facilitator.  Eostar has been holding sacred transformational events with healing music, yoga, art, shamanic healing practices, shadow work and breathwork for over a decade.

My Experience

  • hypno-breathing workshop facilitation
  • therapeutic hypnosis
  • Inner Child Work
  • Dream Therapy
  • trauma-informed coaching
  • Internal Family Systems coaching
  • breathwork teaching/facilitating
  • Theta Healing
  • founding “The Life Giving Process”
  • yoga teaching
  • sound healing
  • sacred plant medicine ceremonial facilitating
  • Birth Into Being facilitation

My Education

  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute – Certified Master Hypnotist (2024)
  • Internal Family Systems in Coaching ( 2021)
  • Recall Healing Levels 1-3  (with Dr. Michelle LaMasa Schrader, 2021)
  • The Self Love Course (online with Teal Swan, 2020)
  • “Anatomy of Awakening” – Certified Breathwork Practitioner Training (The Breath Center, 2019)
  • Shamanic training in Peru (2016-2017)
  • Theta Healing (with Judy Dragon, 2012)
  • Birth Into Being ( with Elena Tonetti, 2011)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor training (Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, 2006)
  • Teacher of English Language and Literature, MA ( ELTE University, Budapest 1996

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