Entheogens and Sacred Plant Medicines

Entheogens are a class of psychoactive substances that are used in religious, spiritual, or shamanic contexts to induce altered states of consciousness and spiritual experiences. The term “entheogen” comes from the Greek words “entheos” (meaning “having the divine within”) and “genesthai” (meaning “to generate” or “to bring forth”).   Therefore the word also points to the intention of the person taking such medicine – holding the goal of having a spiritual experience, such as illumination of mind, light-filled visions, intuitive downloads, a sense of connection with body, mind and spirit, a sense of belonging to everything and everywhere.

Entheogens include a variety of natural and synthetic substances, such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, and DMT. These substances have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures in religious and spiritual ceremonies, and are increasingly being studied for their potential therapeutic benefits in treating mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

With the de-criminalization process moving along, healers such as myself are able to come out to the public, offering education and support for those who wish to journey with macro or micro amounts of entheogens.

The word “entheogen” It also refers to the intention of the person taking such medicine – holding the goal of having a spiritual experience, such as illumination of mind, intuitive downloads, a sense of connection with body, mind and spirit, a sense of belonging to everything and everywhere.

Whether it is microdosing psychedelics that you are interested in or it is preparation or integration of a sacred plant medicine journey – I have a wealth of information to share with you.

With several decades on the path, I have amassed a lot of knowledge and wisdom both cognitively, experientially and intuitively.   

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My story

After I “woke up” at age 19 to spiritual consciousness, my whole life started revolving around gaining more knowledge and experience that realm.  As an artist and a musician, my artistic expression started reflecting this.  Since I grew up in a very sterile environment in Communist Hungary, I only started dabbling into smoking Cannabis later in life when I was 23 years old and lived in Spain for a while.  Once I emigrated to the United States, Cannabis was widely available to me but instead I chose a “purist” path of yoga and meditation.  For a while I was strongly under the influence of a beautiful set of teachings called the Essene path – and because of that I chose not to use anything at all that could alter my consciousness.  However, eventually, playing sacred music at transformational festivals put me in an environment where the use of entheogens was the norm.  I was still only rarely partaking in anything mind-altering, but eventually I got an invitation to share my music at an Ayahuasca ceremony in Oregon and my life forever changed.

When I first heard about Ayahuasca, I instantly knew that it was something for me and that I would have a life-long relationship with it.  I was studying different healing modalities at the time and I was fascinated by the idea that a sacred plant medicine could be used to heal the root cause of a disease – changing the negative emotional programming that creates stress in the first place.

My first Ayahuasca ceremony was a very strong experience.  I thought it was incredibly beautiful and it was incredibly intense too at the same time.  I ended up moving to California from Oregon and the group that invited me was no longer accessible to me.  A few years went by and I got invited to play music for another ceremonial group in California.  This time Mother Ayahuasca gave me profound but less intense experiences, ones that felt like life-changing transformational processes that were continuing to shape me into a better version of myself.  These ceremonies were deeply spiritual experiences that were also very enjoyable.  I loved everything about them – the community connections that came with them, the musical inspiration, the spiritual depths I was introduced to and the slow but steady healing of old emotional wounds.

I was often searching on-line for new medicine songs to learn and that is how I found Alonso Del Rio’s music.  Because I speak Spanish, I was able to learn his sometimes involved songs and share them in ceremonies.   Eventually I found a way to travel to Peru and meet with Alonso. We immediately became friends and we continue nurturing our connection to this day.  

Back in California I was invited to more ceremonial groups to share music with.  These gave me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of different ceremonial traditions and leadership styles.  I also opened up to try other entheogenic medicines, including synthetic ones.  Through the years I became adapt at using these as my allies and I learned to navigate the psychedelic realms with the intention and end result of reaching higher states of consciousness and spiritual communion experiences.  I also figured out how to best use entheogenic medicines for enjoying music, dancing, nature and for connecting with other humans.  

Through the years various healing modalities have been calling me and keeping me on the path of the healer, insatiably soaking up new knowledge with every opportunity to learn. More recently – in the past two years – I have been experimenting and studying microdosing psychedelics as a healing modality.  I am happy to offer my accumulated wisdom in this area now to people who are interested in engaging with entheogenic substances in a serious, intentional manner.

To this day I continue living a life inspired by, nurtured by and guided by Mother Ayahuasca.  While she remains my main connection to the world of entheogens, through her I also opened up to various other sacred plant medicines and found that they are all valuable and powerful allies on the path of healing and evolution of consciousness.   I am super excited to see more and more people having access to them now that decriminalization is well on its way.  I see my role as an elder with a wealth of knowledge and experience, willing and ready to guide people toward the most conscious and spiritually aligned ways to use entheogenic medicines.  

Below please view a talk show I was a presenter at, titled “The Awakening World” – “Awakening Through Plant Medicine & Microdosing”. 




“Thank you for your help supporting me through a 2-months long microdosing protocol. I used to microdose before but never in such a regimented way.  I feel totally reborn.  My mood is stable and I was able to give up some really bad addictive habits that I could not beat before.  So grateful.”



Marlene Rupp on the benefits of psychedelics, quoted from the Sapiensoup blog:


Mental disorders are doubly destructive: first in the suffering they cause for the afflicted, second in how expensive and time-consuming they are to treat. New research is demonstrating that certain psychedelic drugs are extraordinarily effective in treating mental health issues like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction.

The benefits for individual patients are dramatic on their own, but equally compelling are the economic effects of lowering the costs of treating these illnesses. When patients get faster and more effective relief, health care systems and their taxpayers do too.

Here are a few quick facts that give a sense of just how big—and expensive—a problem we’re dealing with:

  • One in five U.S. adults experience a mental illness.2
  • Depression is the most costly mental disorder in Europe.3
  • Depression is the number one reason for absenteeism from the workplace in the U.K. after minor illnesses.4
  • The U.S. is facing an opioid addiction epidemic: two million are addicted to prescription opioids and another 591,000 to heroin. 5 More Americans die from drug overdoses than from car accidents and gun homicides combined.6
  • Tobacco and alcohol abuse in the U.S. causes total annual costs of $500 billion.7
  • 868,000 U.S. veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With an estimated annual cost of $20,000 per veteran this adds up to $17 billion of PTSD disability payments. 8

Currently, patients are being prescribed expensive drugs and are going through years of psychotherapy. But how much does that actually help? Take depression for example: patients must take their medication on a daily basis, it takes at minimum two weeks before the pills are effective and they come with serious, undesirable side effects. Meanwhile, they are only slightly more effective than a placebo pill.9 I’d shop for a better deal.

Antidepressants are expensive, but barely more effective than a placebo pill.

Psychedelic drugs have repeatedly demonstrated high rates of efficacy—much higher than common antidepressants—after just a couple administrations of the drug. The effects are immediate, long lasting, show little side effects and don’t require indefinite daily medication.

Purposefully used, psychedelic drugs could relieve pressure on our health care systems and thus on taxpayers. More importantly, it could help millions of people who are stuck with mental disorders move on with their lives.

My Experience

  • therapeutic transformational coaching
  • psychedelic preparation coaching
  • psychedelic integration coaching
  • sacred plant medicine ceremony facilitation
  • trauma-informed coaching
  • Internal Family Systems coaching
  • breathwork teaching/facilitating
  • Hypno-Breathing teaching/facilitating 
  • Microdosing Psychedelics On-line Workshop Facilitator
  • shamanic healing
  • Entheogenic Preparation and Integration
  • founding “The Life Giving Path” 
  • yoga teaching
  • sound healing
  • sacred ceremonial musician
  • original sacred music performing

 My Education

  • “Anatomy of Awakening” – Certified Breathwork Practitioner Training (The Breath Center, 2019)
  • Internal Family Systems in Coaching ( 2021)
  • Recall Healing Levels 1-3  (with Dr. Michelle LaMasa Schrader, 2021)
  • The Self Love Course (online with Teal Swan, 2020)
  • Shamanic training in Peru (2016-2017)
  • Theta Healing (with Judy Dragon, 2012)
  • Birth Into Being ( with Elena Tonetti, 2011)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor training (Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, 2006)
  • Teacher of English Language and Literature, MA ( ELTE University, Budapest 1996

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