…with Transformational Breathwork

Sound Healing Journeys

Eostar and Mathias’ Breathwork and Sound-healing sessions: blending sound journeying, with the power of breath…

Experience transpersonal states of consciousness, pure bliss, cessation of mind chatter, access to suppressed emotions and highly intuitive “downloads”.

Journeying on the wings of sound healing instruments and the power of our own breath we are re-establishing harmonic energy patterns within.  Release, cleanse, re-align using these ancient tools.


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Sound healing journeys have become immensely popular in the past decade in the yoga and spirituality community.  This seemingly simple and passive activity attracts thousands of people to yoga centers and event places around the word. Why?

 Sound Journeys are meditations guided by the sound of various instruments, all with varying frequencies and vibrations…most of which have rich overtones that resonate deeply in one’s body.  These overtones can lead one into a state of total relaxation in which healing and connection to a higher consciousness usually happens quite spontaneously. 

“Lie down and relax as your mind experiences a heightened and relaxed state of awareness”


Our Sound Healing Journeys are always coupled with Breathwork.  We think that Breathwork and Sound Healing Journeys are the ultimate accompanying tool to each other.  Both of them are designed to allow participants to reconnect with the space within beyond the chatter of the mind, and thus experience true beingness.  Click here to find out more on our Transformational Breathwork Sessions.

Our Sound Healing Journeys are true peak experiences.  Participants may reconnect with the suppressed emotions of the exiled aspects of their selves.  They may feel emotional content bubble up to be felt, seen and allowed to move.  Others experience immense bliss and joy.  Yet others may have “downloads” or communications from the Heart of the Universe that are answers to seemingly unresolvable inner conflicts. Whatever your experience may be is always perfect in the moment and it is uniquely yours to treasure.

Awakening to Self Love and the Joy of Being is a spontaneous and effortless outcome of this true surrender to journey wherever your Breath and the Sounds may take you. 

Our Sound Healing Journeys are powered by a beautiful array of special instruments that include:

– didgeridoo

– kalimba

– 36 inch Chau Gong

– monochord

– crystal bowls

– tank drums

– Tibetan bowls

Eostar’s overtone singing will interact intuitively and masterfully with these instruments.

We like to close the Sound Healing Session with a song accompanied by our guitars.

Eostar is a certified breathwork practitioner, she will gently lead the breathwork part of the practice to achieve the desired state of oneness before the sound healing journey starts.