Welcome to the Psychedelic Ceremonial Services.  

We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the transformational power of sacred plant medicines for yourself. 

Thank you for considering us as your trusted ally on the path to inner growth and uniquely beautiful break-through experiences. 

What we are offering:

Our team of qualified ceremonial facilitators are dedicated to creating safe, supportive, and transformative spaces where individuals can connect with the healing power of sacred plant medicines.   In an environment that is permeated and protected by a high vibrational frequency of pure love and heart-felt live music, our clients can  tap into their inner wisdom, and experience profound personal growth.

At our Psychedelic Ceremonial Services, we believe that healing is a holistic process that involves the body, mind, heart and spirit. We draw on the wisdom of indigenous plant medicine traditions, as well as modern research and best practices, to create custom healing experiences that meet the unique needs of each individual. 

Our services include:

  • Psychedelic ceremony facilitation with live music and Sound Healing
  • Professional musical support for qualified ceremonial leaders, facilitators and clinicians
  • Referrals to other team members
  • Psychedelic Ceremonial preparation
  • Post psychedelic Ceremony integration
  • Microdosing Psychedelics Education
  • Breathwork Ceremonies
  • Sound Healing Ceremonies

Our team:

Founders of this group are Eostar Kamala and Mathias Pailas.  

Together we work with a network of practitioners who each have uniquely different offerings.

We consult with the client to assess the best approach to address the goals of the individual. 

We then refer individuals to the appropriate professional practitioners. 

Our experienced and compassionate team of ceremonial guides and musicians work closely with participants to create a safe and supportive environment where they can explore their inner landscape and connect with the inner wisdom of the Higher Self and the healing power of nature and music.

Our team members are highly skilled in the field of personal growth, healing and musicianship and have have many years of experience working with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines in ceremonial settings. We share values of reverence for the healing power of sacred plant medicines. We are here to serve with humility, vulnerability, self-inquiry and trust.

We are here to serve with the healing power of these medicine, ones own intention, and  the healing power of music.

Words from Eostar…

“14 years ago a ceremonial facilitator heard me share one of my songs at a music gathering and he invited me to support one of his ceremonies with music.  This was the very first time I drank Ayahuasca.  The event was followed by countless ceremonies where I was part of the team of assistants, holding space for the journey and singing medicine songs.  After 7 years of assisting and visits in Peru, I started holding ceremonies.  I have been leading  sacred circles for 7 years.  I am continually learning and growing and ever refining my craft as a medicine woman, musician and healer.  I studied many different trauma release techniques and I hold certificates in Theta Healing, Yoga teaching, Breathwork, Internal Family Systems in Coaching and Birth Into Being.  I studied guitar and vocals with renowned teachers and have taken my songwriting and musicianship to a high level.  I am  the founder of “Hypno-Breathing”, a trauma-informed breathwork practice that helps people integrate their rejected parts and find more love toward their own Self.  My ceremonies are celestial portals for transformation and healing and they are also true celebratory experiences of re-birth.    I am honored to be serving the Universe in this way.”

Words from Mathias:

“I have been playing music since I was 6 years old.  My identical twin brother and I had a band named “Double Dose” and we found ourselves in the middle of the psychedelic counter-culture, touring nationally and also organizing large transformational events where our music was the accompaniment to a shift in consciousness for many.  I have over 45 years of experience exploring a varying array of psychedelics.  To me psychedelic use has always been about spiritual evolution.  It is incredible for me to witness and to be part of the psychedelic renaissance and for psychedelics to be taking their rightful position in human culture as the potent transformational medicines that they truly are.  Over these 45 years, I have traversed countless environments and situations.  This experience has provided me a depth of understanding and an ability to navigate ceremonies from a highly informed place.  Since age 18 I have studied personal development, human secularism, Eastern philosophy and countercultural icons.  These, along with being a health fanatic, have all gone hand in hand and have worked together in a synergestic way in my own life. This is the experience I bring to the altar.”

Our Ceremonies

We are dedicated to providing sacred plant medicine ceremonies with high-quality, heart-opening and heart-healing medicine music as a service to those seeking healing, growth, and spiritual exploration. Our team of experienced facilitators brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through your journey with integrity, compassion safety.  Whether you are a seasoned psychonaut or new to the world of sacred plant medicines, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Our plant medicine ceremonies incorporate various forms of spiritual and energetic healing, such as sound healing journeys with  instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, ocean drums, tank drums, monochord, didgeridoo and more.  

We offer energetic clearings or “limpias” with Palo Santo, Tobacco and Sage.  

We share a wide range of medicine songs throughout the night, including original and traditional songs, and songs from our favorite mentors and teachers accompanied by guitar playing and beautiful vocal harmonies to powerfully yet gently guide the journey.

Our service providers are not affiliated with any particular church or religion, rather they are all students of various spiritual or philosophical  traditions that emphasize love for all beings and the interconnectedness of all Life.  Our non-dogmatic approach uses heart-opening songs and deeply meditative sound healing instruments to gently guide our clients toward feelings of unconditional love, universal belonging, peace and gratitude.  

We approach the offering of plant medicine ceremonies with the utmost respect, integrity, and a commitment to responsible and ethical practices. By doing so, we can honor the sacred traditions of these powerful medicines while promoting healing and sustainable transformation in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to legal considerations, we prioritize safety and responsible use when offering sacred plant medicine ceremonies.   This includes screening participants for contraindications, providing a safe and supportive environment, and ensuring that participants are well-informed about the potential risks and benefits of plant medicine use.


In California, the use of certain sacred plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and Iboga are not currently legal, however some counties have decriminalized their therapeutic or religious use.  Our services include preparation, facilitation, live music, sound healing, trip sitting, breathwork, and integration.  We do not offer medicines for sale.  We can however consult and guide the proper use of plant medicines to insure a positive transformative experience for participants.

Professional musical support for qualified ceremonial leaders, facilitators and clinicians

Our team of experienced facilitators is ready to support qualified ceremonial leaders, therapists, facilitators and clinicians to create a beautifully serene and yet inspirational and evocative ceremonial environment.  What we have found in our decades of familiarity and experience within the psychedelic sub-culture is that some ceremonial leaders who are legally qualified as therapists or clinicians, may be less qualified as musicians.  These people would greatly benefit from assistance from qualified musicians, especially in ceremonies that have many participants.  While recorded music is often used in clinical psychedelic settings, in our experience, live music is more effective in creating sacred space and grounding participants to be present with their body and emotions while in the visionary state.

Breathwork Ceremonies

Have you ever tried breathwork and found that it can transport you to a beautiful trance state that can be likened to that of psychedelic ceremonies?  Eostar Kamala is a certified breathwork facilitator.She specializes in offering various pranayama and modern breathwork techniques  the day after psychedelic ceremonies. Mathias has been a daily breathwork practitioner for over 20 years. We have found Breathwork to be an amazingly powerful practice as part of the integration process.  This is a very powerful way to re-visit some of the messages and lessons from the night before and bring them into our everyday reality.  Eostar and Mathias offer breathwork ceremonies as a separate event as well, often followed by sound healing ceremonies.

Sound Healing Ceremonies

Sound Journeys are meditations guided by the sound of various instruments, all with varying frequencies and vibrations…most of which have rich overtones that resonate deeply in one’s body.  These overtones can lead one into a state of total relaxation in which healing and connection to a higher consciousness usually happens quite spontaneously. Journeying on the wings of sound healing instruments and the power of our own breath we are re-establishing harmonic energy patterns within. We release, cleanse, re-align using these ancient tools. Our 36-inch Chau Gong is always a special experience for those looking to dive deep with sound. We create sound-scapes using didgeridoo, tank-drums, kalimbas, drums, monochord, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, guitar, Gong and throat-singing.  We offer sound healing ceremonies as separate events but we also have a sound-healing segment within each psychedelic ceremony that we hold.  We often follow our breathwork sessions with a sound healing ceremony.

Ceremonial Preparation and Integration

Psychedelic preparation and integration refer to the practices and processes that people undertake to prepare for and integrate their experiences with psychedelic substances

Preparation typically involves a range of activities, such as researching the substance, setting intentions, engaging in mindfulness practices, and making any necessary adjustments to one’s life-style including diet.  It also means getting familiar with the process of diving into the great and mysterious unknown.

Integration, on the other hand, involves the ongoing process of making sense of and integrating the insights and experiences gained during the psychedelic experience into one’s daily life. This can involve a range of practices, such as journaling, therapy, meditation, and community support. Integration is critical for making lasting changes based on the insights gained from the psychedelic experience.

Our team of service providers are trauma-informed psychedelic preparation and integration coaches with many years of experience.  We are highly recommending taking use of their qualified guidance.

Microdosing Psychedelics Education

After the popular weekly Microdosing FAQ Zoom Calls that Eostar was leading, she has transitioned into teaching 8-week courses for those who would like to microdose psychedelics, while being held by an intentional and conscious container.  Click here to read the curriculum and sign up!

Based on her interviews with clients, Eostar found that many people who try microdosing on their own don’t get much of a result because they do not persevere staying on a protocol over at least a few months period of time. They also often lack guidance or an intentional container.  The 6-week microdosing course is an answer to a growing demand from people who want sustainable break-throughs and radical positive transformation in their lives and who wish to microdose mindfully.

Eostar is offering a container that will not only lead participants through the A-Z of microdosing but also guiding them through mindfulness practices that can effectively enhance results. Mindful microdosing is different from haphazard dropping of random amounts of psychedelics. Through this course we are working together in a small group to establish the right dosage and the right protocol for everyone and combine these with practices such as breathwork, meditation, intention setting, journaling and understanding radical self-love. There is always ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss personal experiences.

Eostar also offers personal microdosing coaching for those who can’t sign up for the 8-week course.

Thank you for considering our Plant Medicine Ceremonial Services. We look forward to the opportunity to support you on your healing journey.

To schedule a call with Eostar pleaese text her at 707 540 2240. You can also e-mail her at eostar.kamala@gmail.com

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“I am eternally grateful for the experience of sitting in ceremony with your guidance and your music.  Your songs seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to what was happening on the inside of me, as if an invisible director serendipitously arranged them to match exactly what I was working on.  And then – who knows perhaps it was all directed by the same consciousness – the Medicine!”

Maitreia Z. 


“I was literally blown away by the didgeridoo!  The Gong Bath took me to dimensions with colors and incredible detail. It felt like the instruments were surrounding me and emenating from the inside of me.” 

Aila T.


“When you came and cleared my energy with your feathers and Palo Santo, a dark black cloud suddenly lifted off of me.  It was the moment of my re-birth!”

Pierre D. 


From our “Guest Book”:

Eostar’s Experience

  • therapeutic transformational coaching
  • psychedelic preparation coaching
  • psychedelic integration coaching
  • sacred plant medicine ceremony facilitation
  • trauma-informed coaching
  • Internal Family Systems coaching
  • breathwork teaching/facilitating
  • Hypno-Breathing teaching/facilitating 
  • Microdosing Psychedelics On-line Workshop Facilitator
  • shamanic healing
  • Entheogenic Preparation and Integration
  • founding “The Life Giving Path” 
  • yoga teaching
  • sound healing
  • sacred ceremonial musician
  • original sacred music performing

 My Education

  • “Anatomy of Awakening” – Certified Breathwork Practitioner Training (The Breath Center, 2019)
  • Shamanic training in Peru (2016-2017)
  • Internal Family Systems in Coaching ( 2021)
  • Recall Healing Levels 1-3  (with Dr. Michelle LaMasa Schrader, 2021)
  • The Self Love Course (online with Teal Swan, 2020)
  • Theta Healing (with Judy Dragon, 2012)
  • Birth Into Being ( with Elena Tonetti, 2011)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor training (Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, 2006)
  • Teacher of English Language and Literature, MA ( ELTE University, Budapest 1996

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