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Mystic, songwriter, yoga-teacher, healer, sound-alchemist and visual artist, Eostar is devoted to facilitate real spiritual experiences, holding sacred space for transformational work, healing and a taste of divine enchantment.

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“Illuminate” is now a free digital download!”

“Illuminate” – our latest music album with Eostar and the WEB of ONE – a beautiful collection of my original songs – is now available as a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD here.

Welcome to my personal home-page, the virtual space from where I am shining my light to the world. I hope you have already downloaded our last CD “Illumintate” and you are enjoying it as much as we did recording and editing it!

Produced by my long-time music companion Mathias Pailas and co-produced by Grammy-nominee sound engineer Tim Gennert and myself, “Illuminate” is a true message of higher consciousness from my heart to yours.  The album-release shows we played with our devotional “tantradelic” rock band “Eostar and the Web of One” were a total joy both in Berkeley, CA and in Sebastopol, CA.   Unfortunately a few moons later I was diagnosed with a cancer tumor in my upper palette and this launched me on a journey not only across the world but also deeper into my inner realms, looking for a key to unlock my own inner power to heal.  I refused any Western medical treatments and currently I am in Hungary in a mountain village where I am healing myself with various tools I have available.   I am using the illness as a tool to upgrade to a higher vibrational frequency, and see it as an initiation into my own healing practice and into my potential as transformational writer.  I give thanks for every moment of this journey, hard as it may be.  My detailed writings have been very well-recieved by my Facebook friends and the idea came that at some point they could be edited to form a book.  So rather than focusing on music, right now I am writing myself back to health.  If you are interested in reading these posts, please click on the “Healing Work” button and then click on “Cancer Healing Blog”.  If you are one of the many people who have contributed to my fundraising campaign, please receive my sincere gratitude.  I am looking to give back to my community through music and writings that may help others on the healing path. Namaste! The Spirit in me sees the Spirit in You!

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A few posters from our Spring and Summer tours with my acoustic ensemble “Eostar and the Medicine Mantra”.
This awesome 4-piece acoustic ensemble is featuring:
-Eostar on guitar and vocals
-Mathias Pailas on lead guitar and vocals
-Michael Fecskes on cello
-Boaz Hashimoto Martin on tabla and world percussion

Illuminate – our new studio album weaves together a magical tapestry of sounds.

These original songs and lyrics bring together spiritual wisdom from the ages sculpted into beautiful melodies and evocative grooves with psychedelic guitar work and exotic instruments from around the world. All songs written by Eostar Kamala except “Madre Agua” is written by Alonso Del Rio.

Produced by Mathias Pailas
Co-produced by Tim Gennert and Eostar Kamala
Album cover art: “Rainbow Boat” by Tessa Fenger aka Mythos – www.artbymythos.com

The Hero’s Journey – official music video

Enjoy this video shot at the scenic Coleman Valley Road in Sonoma County, California, featuring a song from our new album “Illuminate”.  “The Hero’s Journey” is a beautiful reminder of the Oneness of All Creation and the similarity between all human experience no matter the circumstances.  Venturing out from daily life to the world of supernatural wonders, our journey of death and rebirth leads to victory; the Gift of the Goddess is granted to the hero in the form of the realized Self upon returning home.  Video produced by Eostar Kamala, filmed by Mikayla Lev and Jason Redhawk.