Eostar Kamala is a devotional singer, composer, visionary artist, sound healer, shamanic healer, breathwork practitioner, yoga teacher, raw-foods chef, Theta healer, Yoga of Emotional Clearing Coach, certified Birth Into Being workshop facilitator and apprentice to Elena Tonetti Vladimirova (Birth Into Being founder). Eostar has been facilitating sacred spaces for music, art, prayer circles and healing for the past 7 years.


High vibrational RAW LIVING FOODS and vegan ketogenic diet coaching: With years of experience a raw-foods chef, Eostar can help people learn about the vegan raw life-style which is highly conducive to cleansing the physical body and recovering from various ailments.

YOGA: Eostar is a yoga instructor trained in the Sivananda School of Yoga which is an international organization based on the famous yogi Sivananda’s teachings. She has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching since 2006.

BREATHWORK: Eostar completed all 4 levels of training at The Breath Center (www.thebreathcenter.com), taught by Michael Brian Baker. This practice called Viyana Vayu is a form of active meditation described in the Vedas, the ancient texts of Yogic wisdom. Through this practice negative energies, entities, or negative thought forms may arise and will be gently purified. Clients will reach high states of consciousness and are able to experience a state of non-duality and a true heart-opening that heals emotional wounds.

“BIRTH INTO BEING” and Limbic Imprint Re-Coding were developed by Elena Tonetti with whom Eostar has studied and apprenticed. This modality is focusing on healing emotional trauma through guided meditation, shamanic energetic self-inquiry work (“Core Cry”), drama-play through which we re-create early childhood trigger situations and we re-write the story and re-code the programming resulting from them.

INNER CHILD WORK: Through guided meditations we re-visit our own child self which was wounded and never grew up. We become champions for our Inner Child and we offer him/her safety, understanding, acceptance and comfort. Through this work the parts of ourselves that were wounded and remained stuck in their early childhood developmental phase can now gain maturity and heal.

THE COMPLETION PROCESS – learn to uncover childhood wounds, identify negative feelings and let them be released using this technique based on Teal Swan’s teachings. Find lost parts of your soul and retrieve them in order to find wholeness and wellbeing.

RADICAL FORGIVENESS: Based on Collin Tipping’s Radical Forgivess work, Eostar leads people to understanding why certain people come into our lives seemingly hurting us. Can we have a new understanding about why challenge situations have happened in our lives and see the characters of the “stories” as helpers on the Soul level who volunteered to play a role that nobody else wanted to take?

NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION Counseling: Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, this practice allows us to effectively give expression to our emotions as they rise in trigger situations. NVC is not simply a better way to communicate as some people see it but rather an intensive cleansing and healing practice to our emotional body. Most of us are programmed in early childhood to suppress our emotions – never cry our shout out in pain or anger. This is one core reason why we never learn to safely express these feelings and they get stored and cut-off from our consciousness rising in explosive and destructive ways when we are triggered by our environment. Learn how to change your perspective from the victim’s point of view to the empowered person’s one. You can adopt techniques to resolve conflict not only between you and others but inside of yourself. Find inner peace through this radical practice.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION through Non-Violent Communication: Counseling couples and people having conflicts. Nobody is wrong or right. There are only feelings and unmet needs. Eostar will gently guide you through the steps of non-violent communication to come to a resolution that may have taken years otherwise. Get results fast and effectively. Sessions are available in person or via Skype.

SACRED SOUND JOURNEYS on the sound-waves of Gongs, crystal bowls, tank drums, rattles, drums, the sacred didgeridoo, overtone singing and mantra chanting – accessing higher states of bliss consciousness. Eostar has been playing the aforementioned sound healing instruments for the last 20 years of her life. She guides participants through sound journeying to access heightened awareness and open up the senses.

PRAYER CEREMONIES– experience prayer in a group, facilitated by music and invoking powerful allies such as angels and spirit guides and sacred plants who are here to help us.

Eostar is originally from Hungary and has been residing in power-sites along the West Coast of the United States in the last 11 years performing at sacred music at festivals, showing her visionary art, facilitating spiritual retreats, and providing private and group sessions.